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2022-01-01 at 13:13 - comment by HenryL

Full loop of the park, including BBhill at temperatures that would have made it feel like twice that. Well done!

Does this loop have a name?

If not, I recommend PocaBerry -)

2021-12-30 at 08:14 - comment by valleyrambler

Sorry, I should have said I saw tracksetting on the north side of PLPP. I tend to get my directions mixed up in there.

2021-12-30 at 08:11 - comment by valleyrambler

On Wednesday I looped around Whiskey Jack, Pocaterra, and Packers and have to say I pushed a lot of snow. Saw trackset ting on the south side though so I should have pivoted to there.

Cold and slow at PLPP!

Report Submitted by Sara M
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 29, 2021

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 29, 2021 at 19:06


Me and Emma


Emma joined me for a beautiful but chilly day at PLPP. We started from the Pocaterra hut and followed Pocaterra all the way up to Tyrwhitt. There was a skier-set track on top of new snow up to this point, but once we reached Tyrwhitt we were slowly breaking trail through a winter wonderland. Once at Elk Pass, we were back on skier-set track again. We cruised down to the Blueberry Hill junction, then slowly made our way up to the viewpoint. The ski back down was my slowest ever trip down Blueberry Hill! We encountered fresh grooming and tracksetting on Fox Creek (first tracks!). Ideally we would have taken Moraine after that, but it hadn't been touched yet and we were getting tired so we continued along the freshly groomed but not-yet-trackset Boulton Creek, coming across the groomer on the way! From Boulton, we took Wheeler to Amos and enjoyed fast, day-old grooming until turning onto Lynx and following skier-set track back to the Pocaterra hut. Excellent coverage on all the trails we skied, and very few people out and about!


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