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2022-01-01 at 19:21 - comment by Bob Truman

Thanks aqua toque. I should mention that for all the fat bikers at WBC, I seldom ever see one on the trails. I occasionally see one on the multi-use trails such as Mountain Road. In this case, they were crossing the Elbow ski trail at the same time as I was there. Nice friendly guys, and a very smart dog.

2022-01-01 at 18:13 - comment by aqua toque

Happy New Year and great shots Bob!

Also, thanks for drawing attention to the plight of fat biker dogs. Hopefully one day they will all be rescued and find a good home with kind-hearted skiers.

Smiling faces and happy dogs to start the year

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Saturday Jan 01, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Jan 01, 2022 at 16:18


What a fantastic day of skiing on this first day of 2022. The conditions at West Bragg Creek are phenomenal. Today I skied Sundog, Iron Springs, and Elbow. Great coverage, great tracksetting, great scenery, and now I can say great weather, too. Although it warmed up to -6, I was still getting good grip with green wax on the cold snow. The home stretch downhill on Sundog West was as enjoyable as I've ever experienced on that trail.

I'm thrilled to see and read all the trip reports from so many skiers on this website, thank you everyone.

Xyla leads her pack on Iron Springs

Lots of happy skiers wishing me a happy new year.

The high point on Iron Springs is 110 metres net elevation.

Iron Springs is so beautiful.

A group of skiers cues for a steep downhill.

This dog was reading the map so it could tell the fat bikers where to go.


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