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2022-01-11 at 20:20 - comment by SteveR

Donna, we ran into a friend using skin skis on our Tyrwhitt loop, who said that the glide was bad, but he didn't mention sticking.

2022-01-11 at 17:40 - comment by Donna B

Ray, I thought fish scales were great in wet snow at temperatures like you experienced. Looking for education on this. Would skin skis have been any better?

PLPP - Slow and Sticky

Report Submitted by Ray Perrott
(trip) Date: Tuesday Jan 11, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Jan 11, 2022 at 16:11


Anne, Mary, Ray


Started just before 10am at Elkwood parking, -2C and snowing moderately. Headed north and skied all of last night's tracksetting (Lodgepole, Spruce Road, Sinclair, Braille, N.Meadow). All tracks were covered with about 2cm of fresh snow, which was often quite sticky. Two of us on waxable skis (VR40) and one on waxless. We all needed multiple stops to scrape snow, change wax, add glide, but nothing really helped. Several downhills were exciting - catch and release. Even trails already skied by others were not much better. Finished at 2pm to 0C. Not too much wind. Great fresh air and exercise; not much speed.


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