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2022-01-12 at 21:26 - comment by Alf Skrastins

Great to see Adam and Brett with those Silky pole saws! Pruning of branches that are too close to the trail corridor will greatly help with snow capture and will reduce the amount of tree drip damage to the grooming when the snow melts off of the trees.
Much appreciated!

PLPP - silky to sticky

Report Submitted by Jean-Francois
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jan 12, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Jan 12, 2022 at 17:14


Vanita et moi


Parked at Boulton Creek at 9:30am (+1C)

Skied Skier Bob Special Whiskey Jack / Tyrwhitt / Elk Pass / Fox and Moraine.
The snow was silky smooth most of the way and the skiing was really pleasant with almost no wind.

Almost at the junction between Elk Pass and Hydroline we meet two Alberta Parks young men (Adam and Brett) who were pruning some branches along the trail.

When reaching Fox trail junction, the snow was full of moisture but providing a good glide.

The snow on Packers was really sticky and I spent a lot of time cleaning my skis and almost called it a day. The descent on Pocaterra was a bit slow.

To my surprise the snow quality was better on Lynx and I had a blast on freshly groomed trails Amos and Wheeler

Many needles / debris on Fox, Moraine and Pocaterra but not a big issue.

I used Swix V45 purple with some success in the morning….



Adam and Brett ready for pruning

Fox creek, bridges are the only place without debris

Freshly groomed Amos


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