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2022-01-13 at 08:16 - comment by Helen Read

Next time, perhaps take a picture of the boys and the drone-totally illegal in the National Parks or Alberta Parks for that matter.

Fairview. Again. Plus a bit of Moraine Lake Road

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jan 12, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Jan 12, 2022 at 22:20


Given the >0 temperatures between Calgary and Banff, we decided to head to Lake Louise and do Fairview again. Temp was -1 at around 1300. LOTS of fresh, light snow, probably about 10 cm since the last track setting. Tracks were deep, lots of glide, virtually no wind, and snowing the whole time we were there. Had a great time, but it was marred by an encounter with a group of five or so high school boys. They managed to hit the trifecta -
1. They were standing in their boots on the trail, filming something, as I came down the last hill on Fairview at the MLR junction. The just managed to scoot out of the way when I yelled "Track!".
2. One was flying a drone.
3. They walked up MLR along the trackset, even after my wife I asked them a total of 4 times to pls stay off the tracksetting.

Not impressed. Hopefully either a good dump of snow or grooming will take care of the boot prints.

Up to that point MLR was skier track set with about 10 cm of fresh snow.

I have to admit, it's nice to be out of the deep freeze and have some glide back again.


Moraine Lake Road before the boot prints



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