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2022-01-13 at 21:35 - comment by Helen Read

Tried to post earlier but it did not work. So excite for Mary and I to meet Skier Roger and Jody on Lower Telemark Trail around 10:45 this morning. Great conditions, especially arriving later to someone else having skier tracked the new snow. -2 and maybe 0 at end. We too, found the snow at Chateau and Deer Lodge to be warmer/stickier from Upper Telemark but did not linger long up there before enjoying our descent back to GD. Skied the new grooming to west end of Lower Telemark then back to car. Saw a fat little vole both yesterday and today on two different trails. They must like these temperatures. Skate skiers, enjoy the perfect conditions to enjoy your talents, as it is all freshly groomed for you. Thanks for taking our photo Skier Roger and so nice to meet you.

2022-01-13 at 18:04 - comment by SkierRoger

We stayed the night in LL so had an early start to the day.

Opening temperature was about -2. About zero at noon.

Jody (fish scale skis) reports that it started to get sticky on the upper part of Peyto around noon.

For myself, I had blue wax which worked very nicely most of the day. Some minor sticking around noon also, but really quite good.

The lake trail had a bit of everything: ice, slush, water and some good sections.


2022-01-13 at 17:57 - comment by Donna B

roger, was it sticky at LL today? Temp and waxing conditions please?

Peyto, Telemark, Lake Louise Loop: Simply Divine

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Thursday Jan 13, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Jan 13, 2022 at 17:40


Jody and I


A haiku for you:

Pillows of white snow
Peyto, Telemark, Lake Trail
Look out for snow bombs

That’s from Jody (all my poetry rhymes).

Framed Naturally

Taken from the Great Divide, Peyto Intersection

What a pleasure to meet up with Helen Read and Mary

Just Pretty

Picturesque Lake Louise

Far Side of Lake Louise: What's the Bird Thinking?


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