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2022-01-14 at 21:05 - comment by Chuck

Well Rhonda,
We always make it a return trip from either end… for a total of 19 km.
For instance, did you miss my report for January 9?

2022-01-14 at 18:54 - comment by Eyesopen

Thanks Henry and Chuck. Have either of you skied in the opposite direction from Castle Lookout?

2022-01-14 at 09:02 - comment by Chuck

My GPS suggests that it is 9.5 km from Castle Lookout to Baker Creek.

2022-01-14 at 08:44 - comment by HenryL

Rhonda, I'm sure Karl will answer, but I was also curious and looked up approximate locations on Google Maps. It looks to be roughly 7km each way, but again, the skiers will chime in.

2022-01-13 at 21:50 - comment by Eyesopen

Hi Karl,
Do you mind telling me where you parked and what the ski distance one way is? thx, Rhonda W

Castle lookout to Baker Creek

Report Submitted by Karl B
(trip) Date: Thursday Jan 13, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Jan 13, 2022 at 18:06


Me and Chris


Arrived at Castle lookout at about 10:30 after driving on a icy highway. A couple of cars in the ditch along the way. Trail had about 2 cm of fresh snow, but was not sticky. Temp was about minus 2. Use red wax on the front of my kick for grip which worked well no other wax. Nice steady ski all the way to baker creek. The mostly cloudy conditions helped keep the snow temp down. On return the last km was slippery and was a little frustrating. There is a few trees down from castle Lookout end but easy get around. Trail groomer is doing a great job. I hope they plan to groom the campground this year. Saw 7 other skiers so very quiet.


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