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2022-01-17 at 10:13 - comment by Chuck

Yes Tanya, we skied EAST from the Hostel parking lot on the #3 trail.
I realize that many people are not aware of this location, so that is why I even included a map showing our route as my last photo.
And yes, this year the loppet has been further shortened to just Castle Junction due to issues with their sled. But you can still go east 3.2 km where the grooming stopped.
I am including a link for the updated loppet info. Interesting that their cover photo is of Trail #3 which is actually not part of this years loppet!

Heading EAST along highway towards Johnston Canyon

Lake Louise to somewhere loppet site

2022-01-17 at 09:11 - comment by Tanya K

Sorry Chuck, I'm totally confused. You started at the hostel and skied east from there? I didn't know there was a ski loop that went east from there. I only know of the trail going west from there heading towards the lookout. And then the small loop that goes through the campground there by the junction (but on the other side of the 1A from the hostel)

And they aren't grooming the loppet course from the junction towards Johnston Canyon are they? I just checked the website and it said the course was ending at the junction. Originally they were ending at Johnston overflow.

Thanks. I'm easily confused. ;)

CASTLE JUNCTION Trail # 3 and East on the Loppet route

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Sunday Jan 16, 2022

Submitted: Monday Jan 17, 2022 at 07:25


One more place recently trackset in Banff National Park.
VR45 wax worked well in these pleasant temperature days.

Starting out from the Hostel parking area

If only the Moose would stay off the tracks!

Early Loppeteers

Doing a little trail maintenance

#3 Loop was double trackset on the 14th

Our route ended where the grooming stopped, 3.2 km east of Castle Junction


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