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2022-01-19 at 21:16 - comment by gh

It was great to run into you (twice) as well. I am glad that I did the route CW (most people go CCW). The downhill sections for me were just slightly easier as they had not been scraped down so much.

Telephone Loop

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jan 19, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Jan 19, 2022 at 19:11


I feel like a trifler compared to Jean-Francois but it takes all my energy to just ski Telephone Loop.

The window of opportunity is usually very narrow for skiing Telephone Loop on good conditions. The recent snowfall was sufficient to make it enjoyable today. I was thankful to be using my wider, metal-edged skis because there were still a number of thin, icy spots.

This trail, especially the east side, is not for the faint of heart(or novice skiers). It's narrow with steep hills and sharp turns at the bottom of the hills.

I kept an eye on my GPS as I skied counter-clockwise. Upon reaching the north end at 6.5K, I had accumulated 240 metres of elevation but I was back to almost the same elevation as the trailhead. Obviously there's lots of up and down. The entire loop, which includes 3K on Moose Connector and Mountain Road, is 15.5K.

It was nice to finally meet George(gh on here) at the north end and then again on Moose Connector.

It was -14 when I started at 12:30 pm and -8 when I finished at 3:30. Easy waxing with VR30(-10/-30).

Ruth and Sonja on the west leg

Lots of up and down on the east side.

A sunny spot at the north end.

He had the right skis for negotiating the difficult spots - bought them used for $40 two days ago

Finishing on Mountain Road and finally seeing some dogs

Erica arrives at the trailhead


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