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2022-01-22 at 18:19 - comment by Chuck

Thanks for your fantastic report Ulrike.
Your pictures certainly capture the scenic beauty of this area.
I love that photo of the Red Chair in the swirling wild west!

Shadow Lake fantastic

Report Submitted by Ulrikeski
(trip) Date: Saturday Jan 22, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Jan 22, 2022 at 18:01




Recent tracksetting at Redearth Creek, cold snow at -4C made for an awesome trip to Shadow Lake and beyond. Tracks continued all the way to the lodge, then a skier track followed the shoreline to the end of the lake. Found hard wind crust at the base of Mt. Ball. Some snow shoers came down from the upper valley. Beautiful scenic lunch at the red chair. Thanks to Chuck for all his great trip reports on this scenic spot. The descent on the steep downhill trail was controllable on my LT skis, however one skier on AT's flew past me, but once in the track I didn't see him again. The ski out was a blast!

classic view - Mt. Ball

scenic view to Pilot Mountain

red chair in the sun


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