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2022-01-31 at 15:37 - comment by Ωman

Thank You! We aspire to inspire. The previous Sunday also had similar cloud movement; here's the viddy...

West Elk Pass Couch HQ Time-lapse Jan 23 2022

2022-01-30 at 16:21 - comment by Ulrikeski

Great video, awesome scenery view to Fox Lake and Frozen Lake, beautiful frozen trees! Very inspiring!

2022-01-29 at 18:24 - comment by SkierRoger

What a wonderful video Ωman.
You are a true artist!

Elk Pass Meadow Tour

Report Submitted by Ωman
(trip) Date: Friday Jan 28, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Jan 29, 2022 at 17:53


Suspects unusual at the usual locations


-15C at Elk Pass at 9am Fri. Warm to cold transition on highway near Fortress Mtn. Had ourselves a proper meadow-skipping couch-maintenance tour of Elk Pass (a MaSid Special): Patterson meadows, East Elk Pass, boundary line and cut-block traverse to West Elk Pass, and finally the Blueberry meadows. The afternoon saw some sudden warm air mixing, as cloud movement in the viddy attest to, but it stayed plenty cold enough to preseve snow. Off-track travel is fine. Snowpack is more facetted than usual but there's still good bridging. Just "surf like a girl" and you'll make it there sportin' track skiis and race-pole baskets

Weebles wobble ...

Elk Pass Traverse VJO


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