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2022-02-02 at 20:56 - comment by Greg G

Hi Helen, it must be 20 years since we last connected. Check out my latest post as of today on mountain weather. It may explain why your trip up the Cascade was a wee bit warmer then what enviornment Canada had to forecast.

Greg G

2022-02-02 at 09:06 - comment by Helen Read

Thanks for this estimate-that might be too long a day for my 74 yr old bod, unless I become a volunteer Banff Parks groomer to start at Stoney Bridge. Yes, I enjoyed your posts about the elk leg and the wolves howling. I heard them howling once at beginning of Spencer Creek trail. We do enjoy reading of your courageous adventures. Hope someone will loan you their InReach for such trips.

2022-02-02 at 00:37 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Helen,

Elk Trap is roughly 4 to 5 km beyond the Stoney Creek Bridge. I have left a nice straight fast ski trail well beyond Elk Trap towards the Cuthead Warden Cabin that people should take advantage of on a nice sunny day. Currently there is one very small creek crossing that requires one to step over some small snow covered willows in order to prevent the skis from dipping into the 50 cm wide creek.Just follow the ski tracks and you should be good.

I would recommend using larger ski baskets although I have been using fairly small to medium ski baskets as I have no other option due to pole shortages. When I was up there about a week and a half ago, I had no problem breaking trail with my 54 mm wide skis until I got within about 2 or 3 kms of the Cuthead Warden Cabin which is 5 or 6 km beyond Elk Trap.

The last time I was up there, I heard Howling Wolf and his or her band after dark somewhere near Elk Trap about 750 meters up the hill side which was a high mountain treat. So expect the skier tracked trail to be a multi use trail with some animal tracks imprinted into it.

Back in December near Elk Trap I saw an elk leg buried in the snow along the ski trail that was dug up by scavengers. I did not see the elk leg going in during the day but it was dug up when I came out at night. The rest of the elk was not visible. Make sure you pack enough food as there is not much to scavenge for food up there.

If you want to keep your pack lighter, you could bring in a water filter and fill up at the above mentioned creek/ spring. That creek is about 1.5 km short of Elk Trap.

You have to keep your eyes open to find Elk Trap on your right as you ski up valley. It can be somewhat obscured by trees, particularly if they are loaded with snow. Look for Chuck's ski tracks going right off the Cascade River trail near the top of a gentle hill- as long as new snow does not bury his tracks completely.

Ski and enjoy.

Wanted to believe Environment Canada's -15 C but NOT at Cascade

Report Submitted by Helen Read
(trip) Date: Tuesday Feb 01, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Feb 01, 2022 at 21:36


Me and JR


Long ski to Cascade Warden's Cabin on such a cold day -18. Ulrike's photo of snow pillows 2 days ago, still holding up with even more snow. Similar report to Chuck's green wax day with new snow in fairly recent track-setting of Jan 26th (?). Blue skis appeared mid-ski and made us feel warmer but some wind got us on the return. How many kms past the bridge is the Elk Trap? Today was not the day to go exploring further. Saw 2 other skiers all day, although tracks suggest more went past the bridge. Karbon Heated Mitts from Costco did not hold up to 6 hours on "green".


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