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2022-02-03 at 19:53 - comment by SkierRoger

What fantastic news!

I will make this article accessible via the News button on the main page of this website.

2022-02-03 at 17:30 - comment by Chuck

Great news... and totally appropriate.
Parks has a tough act to follow!

2022-02-03 at 12:23 - comment by Greg G

Wow what an accomplishment KHSC, Toques off even if it is a wee bit chilly on the trail today. I would encourage all those who live along the Bow River, to keep the Emerald Lake area in your back pocket. How often in early winter do we wish we had more then The Moraine Lake Road and Great Divide to ski on. Likewise when we get a nasty cold spell, that their are warmer trails just across the divide. If only we could get over "the Longer distance" which really isn't all that much.

Good news for the Kicking Horse Ski Club/Parks Canada

Report Submitted by Marlaine/KHSC
(trip) Date: Thursday Feb 03, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Feb 03, 2022 at 11:54


The Field Kicking Horse Ski Club would like to say “THANK YOU” to Parks Canada for their offer to continue on with the x-c trails that Kicking Horse Ski Club have done for over 30 years in Yoho-- starting next winter(2022-2023).
Jen Coffman, Denise, Bruce and Marlaine had a phone meeting with visitor experience manager Jed Cochrane and Julie Champagne on Monday morning. Jed disclosed the good news that "Parks will be carrying on the work that KHSC has done". The Club is very please with the outcome of the phone conversation. Everyone we spoke to is so happy that the ski trail will continue on-- and with Parks.
Go ahead and give your thanks to Parks.... And to Joe when you see him on the sled.
And on Jen's behalf --to all those that participated in an efforts to keep the trails going, their letters were testament to how important winter activities are in Yoho. Thank you.
Looking forward to skiing more and seeing you on these beautiful trail. Marlaine & Bruce & Denise

Bruce, Marlaine & Denise on Yoho

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