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2022-02-05 at 18:42 - comment by Chuck

Yes, it is important for everyone to realize that the downhill skier has right-of-way, no matter what side they choose (the single track or the multi-use side). It makes sense too... RESPECT those who might be challenged!
It is nice when any single downhill track is set on the right as you go downhill, it helps to avoid confusion.

2022-02-05 at 12:05 - comment by Oda

Thats great news! Thanks for posting & reminding skiers of etiquette for a single track. Not many seem to know that the downhill skiers has right of way when a track is on the right side going up. Hopefully your post will make more skiers aware.
Happy skiing !

2022-02-04 at 22:31 - comment by Mike W

Glad to hear Parks is finally doing the single trackset so it's on the right going downhill. Hopefully it will prevent some skiers' confusion into thinking that if they're climbing a single track on the right, they have the right-of-way over a descending skier. The descending skier ALWAYS has right-of-way irrespective of whether a single track is on the left or right!

Open up the "Trail Etiquette" section about halfway down the page

CASCADE RIVER - New Tracksetting

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 04, 2022

Submitted: Friday Feb 04, 2022 at 16:06


Interesting change in tracksetting approach by the new team.
Good idea to have any single track favouring the downhill users... no need for surprises!
We hit the right wax with Rode Multigrade (zero to minus 2), with temperatures moving from minus 2 to zero during the day!

Trackset yesterday

So windy, even the birds were hiding in the trees!

Now trackset on the left beyond the Cascade River bridge!

First time winter campers got their fire going a little early

The wider grooming approach is great as they have even clipped back those annoying overhanging bushes.


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