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2022-02-08 at 09:53 - comment by Chuck

This link provides my best excuse to be a couch potato today... Men's 20 km Biathlon.
Fascinating to watch and learn.
Congratulations Scott Gow!

Watch here


Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Monday Feb 07, 2022

Submitted: Monday Feb 07, 2022 at 20:52


The mother of all couch potatoes from around the world.


If you like to sit around a TV eating popcorn while drinking beer and ignoring politics like a zombie, I recommend checking out the cross country skiers shooting targets in the Beijing Olympics broadcasted on CBC (Canadian Brainwashing Corporation). Today there was some amazing women cross country skiing and shooting up a great storm at the Olympics. They were so exhausted after ski packing their rifles in the race and they were collapsing at the finish line. Now that is a race where people are putting in a hard core effort! Biathlon skiing is a fantastic event that requires skiers to control their heart rates in order to shoot targets with their rifles. Search the internet for the CBC Olympic schedule for the next exciting biathlon races.

The best races in all of the Olympics will be occurring later this week. The amazing downhill course races, the women's 30 km cross country ski freestyle race and the men's 50 km cross country ski freestyle race. Go to your internet search engine and punch in "downhill" and "cross country ski races CBC schedule" for race times. Friday is the men's 50 km race. What tees me off is the women do not ski in a 50 km race. This is political skiing discrimination from my perspective. A lot of women can kick men's butts in skiing and the women should also have a 50 km xc ski race in the Olympics. I would like to see a mixed race which includes a women winner and men's winner. Segregation sucks. What does the International Olympic Committee fear? That a woman may beat a man skiing? Let it be.

If you want to improve your skiing technique, watch as many ski races as you can and learn. If you watch and remember how the skiers ski you will become a better more efficient skier, maybe even become a segregated Olympian racer one day. Learn and go further.


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