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2022-02-08 at 14:07 - comment by aqua toque

Good job finding some unskied lines Chip. These days that place is usually tracked out beyond recognition by whipper-snappers!

Tryst Chutes

Report Submitted by Chip Scialfa
(trip) Date: Monday Feb 07, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Feb 08, 2022 at 07:40


The Four Fools


Tryst Chutes was surprisingly good yesterday, despite the low "vis". We started at 0930 with brisk winds and -3 C. In the trees and climbing, we were plenty warm. The trail was well-used but, once we arrived at the Lake, we found good terrain that hadn't been skied. Three laps did me in. Snow fell most of the day, turning kinda wet on the way out. There were some "tricky" bits in the creek, as you'll see.


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