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2022-02-24 at 21:44 - comment by Jean-Francois

Hi Mike,
When I finished Telephone loop I was also tempted to do it again CCW but at bottom of Hostel, I became suddenly lazy of opted for something easier, hence going south.....

2022-02-24 at 20:45 - comment by Helen Read

I totally agree with your assessment, Mike W and sorry to not acknowledge your luring me to ski Telephone loop, although I watched Nordic Pulse flashing red all around the loop last evening. I really enjoyed hitting the "Homestead" sign and it was such an enjoyable ski for me to end on CCW. I should have added on Moose Loop, but was not sure of my energy level. I hope the groomers will continue to trackset this Loop when it is perfect (even if only once a year). It was awesome although I worried at time what I'd gotten myself into. Appreciated all the rock warnings.

2022-02-24 at 19:07 - comment by Mike W

Hi JF - Funny you should ask about the sign. In view of the potential demise of Telephone tracksetting, I decided to ski it twice today: CCW, then Moose Loop CCW, then Telephone CW. And I took mental notes on today's differences between CW and CCW:

For advanced skiers, I don't see much difference.

For "novices" I think CW is significantly harder: There are more steep uphills CW vs. CCW. The majority of people go CCW, which means those uphills get "dished out" by all the people who are snowplowing down them. It's much harder to herringbone up a "dished out" hill. I had to sidestep up several of them. Another problem is there are numerous uphills, some of them steep, near the end of the CW direction, which could cause "heartbreak" for novices. In the CCW direction, the last third of the loop has mainly gentle uphills and a long easy downhill at the end.

Finally, going CCW gives you the option to extend your ski by including Moose Loop, Mountain View West, etc. Going CW, you have to overcome the temptation of calling it quits at the parking lot!

WBC - Telephone & Southern trails

Report Submitted by Jean-Francois
(trip) Date: Thursday Feb 24, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Feb 24, 2022 at 16:22




A balmy -9C at 9:00am with only a few cars in the parking lot

I skied Telephone loop (CW for once) and met 15+ skiers going CCW, I was remembering 10 / 15 years ago when you were lucky to meet someone!

I exited Telephone by skiing East Hostel and then skied East Crystal / Sundog / Iron Springs / Elbow / Loggers / Mt View and back to the parking lot on Mt road.

As Steve R reported excellent conditions on Telephone with tracks (couple of cm of fresh snow on last night grooming), I noticed just one spot on East Telephone (halfway) on one downhill that was scraped and showing some rocks after just 15 skiers going CCW.

The southern trails were in excellent conditions and I met less people on these trails than on telephone, go figure!

Another wonderful day in Bragg Creek.

PS: I have posted a photo of a sign just after Moose junction stating that Telephone CW is not recommended….I have never paid attention to this sign but I am wondering why. Even if I personally prefer CCW, CW seems easier for novice skiers, no?

Telephone loop


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