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2022-02-25 at 16:17 - comment by HenryL

Most of these archive videos and interviews I have viewed so far describe historic skiing in the Parks, in one form or other.

2022-02-25 at 15:15 - comment by HenryL

Chuck that is a beautiful, iconic photo.
I can imagine the stories that were shared that day.

2022-02-25 at 09:08 - comment by Chuck

Hi Henry,
Very glad that you have highlighted the incredible digital archives at the Whyte Museum.
I have to share a picture of our own Fireside Chat with Scott Ward and Don Mickle at the Elk Trap (Circa June 2006).

Fireside chat with Scott Ward and Don Mickle

Off topic - Banff history - Cascade River

Report Submitted by HenryL
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 25, 2022

Submitted: Friday Feb 25, 2022 at 08:20


Trip reports in the past have mentioned the tantalizing history of the Cascade River, such as the Carleton cabin, and Cuthead cabin.

I know that I'm late to the party, but I'll mention these for those who were also in the dark -)

I personally have just discovered the incredible digital archives at the Whyte Museum. In particular there are the enhanced videos (with many in the works) of the 30 year old interviews by Chic Scott with Canada's climbing legends.

But in addition there are the Fireside Chats that are online.
In particular there is the chat with Roy Anderson where we learn of his activities at Cuthead Camp.

I also see that there is an interview with Dorothy Carleton from 2017, and apologies to Bob, as he probably posted this when he gave his wonderful history on the SkierBob site.

Chuck, I see that there is a Fireside Chat with Don Mickle, which I look forward to viewing with relish.

While I haven't been through all of these digital archives, I feel that the 1h20m interview with Chic Scott himself was most moving.

Pushing the Limits Legacy
Fireside Chats


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