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2022-03-03 at 21:36 - comment by Jean-Francois

Bonsoir notre démocrate préféré,
Bravo de parler français, ce n'est pas très courant en Alberta !
On pourrait donner comme nom, la cabane à la tête coupée.
Bonne soirée

2022-03-03 at 21:23 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

En tant que skieur qui se remet encore d'avoir skié à Cuthead Cabin récemment, il m'a fallu un moment pour comprendre la blague de Monsierur Jean-François. Ha Ha!

2022-03-03 at 20:26 - comment by Chuck

Yes Jean-Francois,
Maybe “Cut Head” cabin, to avoid confusion!

2022-03-03 at 13:52 - comment by Normand

Classic choice!

2022-03-03 at 12:55 - comment by Jean-Francois

Thanks for the report Chuck, the cabin should be renamed as the Cuthead cabin :)

2022-03-02 at 20:45 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

The head carving removal at Bryant Creek Warden Cabin was may be related to Federal Government reconciliation process.

Perhaps you could put a carving of your head up in place!

Mt. SHARK to BRYANT CREEK CABIN - What happened to the Head Carving?

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Wednesday Mar 02, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Mar 02, 2022 at 20:27


With the temperature this morning at minus 5 and new snow overnight, it was time for me to visit this area again.
Wow, does this area ever get snow, and the drive was pleasant too. Mount Shark would be a great place for some investment.
I had not intended to go backcountry, but with no tracksetting and skier tracks to follow, I just had to go for it!
Lynx were hunting down the snowshoe hare, and the only thing louder than the ravens scavenging the remains were the screams of the Wildflower girls descending towards me out of control!
My new found Collembola wax worked well, providing a good mix of grip and slime!
Next time... I will use poles with bigger baskets.

Note my skis and poles leaning on the door!

Starting at Mt. Shark... with a map!

Trackset trail to Watridge Lake is well used...

...even the backcountry extension to the cabin is well used!

Horrors... someone has removed the head carving above the antlers since my summer visit!

Skier tracked trail continues towards Assiniboine... not for me today.


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