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Welcome to the 2021 / 22 Ski Season

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 01, 2021

Submitted: Monday Nov 01, 2021


After a bit of a slow start, our winter seems to be heading in the right direction. I want to welcome all the readers, trip reporters & commenters to the SkierRoger website. Since this is a new site, allow me to provide the basics:

In order to read trip reports, just click a report title on the main page. A detailed report along with comments will be displayed. If you want to search for a specific area, category or trip reporter, select what you're looking for in the drop down menu, hit Find and then Bob's your Uncle.

You can also click on the Post Summary button towards the top for a condensed listing of all reports.

I would recommend trying the Resources button in the menu, where you can read a couple of excellent articles originally found on the SkierBob website. These are “Rays Trail Steepness” and “Risto's Hill Pain Score” (links also provided above). For those looking for a challenge, Ray lays out the gradients for a number of trails. Risto suggests that trail difficulty comes through a combination of distance and gradient. He too gives a listing of easy and challenging slopes.

If you're interested in snow conditions, the best source of information is the trip reports. Next choice should be the Live Grooming reports.

Feel free to peruse the many other buttons & links, such as where to take ski lessons (under Resources), etc.

Finally and most importantly, if you have a great day of skiing please login and tell us all about it!

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