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2022-03-09 at 19:15 - comment by ErinP

The only thing missing was you Poppa Jeff!

2022-03-09 at 18:40 - comment by JeffG

Wow, climbing up the south side of Lookout seems tough. Way to go Erin P.

PLPP workout

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Wednesday Mar 09, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Mar 09, 2022 at 15:06


Beautiful morning in PLPP! When I arrived at about 10:15 it was -19° but sunny with no wind. All the trails I skied today were very freshly groomed, and I quickly realized that with the slow, cold snow (a few mms in the fresh tracks but I smoothed it out), the amazing corduroy, and my freshly (green) waxed skis it was a good opportunity to check out a trail I have always wanted to try: Lookout. Starting from Elk Pass, I went up Hydroline and then made the possibly stupid decision to climb the south side of Lookout and descend on the north. What a trudge!! But I was pretty proud when I got to the top. The way down Lookout was super easy due to the great snow and grooming, and Tyrwhitt was amazing as usual. The tracks were still quite slow all the way down Hydroline, although when I got back onto Elk Pass the tracks had become much quicker and more silky. I bet now that the temperature has risen everyone will get to enjoy much faster tracks than I did, but the slower snow made the downhills very easy overall.


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