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2022-03-11 at 06:51 - comment by Chuck

Hi Ulrike,
No trees down, at least to the third bridge.
Anyone ahead of us must have had a long day, and had taken the wrong route on the north side of the creek which is very challenging. They will be glad to see our track for their return.

2022-03-10 at 22:15 - comment by Ulrikeski

Hi Chuck:
Nice photos as always. Is the trail into Paradise Valley all cleared of fallen trees? I'm surprised you didn't see anyone. There was supposed to be a large group of Ramblers heading to the Giant Steps today.

PARADISE VALLEY - Best Spring Skiing

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Thursday Mar 10, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Mar 10, 2022 at 18:58


This is the time of the year to explore Paradise Valley.
No one seen all day and with spectacular conditions.
Best to stay on the south side of the creek which is shorter and has no creek crossings.
We also chose to descend the creek route to the MLR to enjoy the untouched snow, even though one does hear the creek gurgling below!

Starting via the Moraine Lake Road

Leaving Peter and Karen as they head up Fairview

Entering Paradise Valley

Mount Temple


We broke trail, for the better route, on the south side of the creek


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