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2022-03-11 at 21:24 - comment by Helen Read

Thank you Doug B for a superb report. Especially in the Spring-type weather, we depend on each and every report. Yours was great! Sometimes we include temps and waxes used but in spring like weather, each day can pose its own unique challenges.

South End of PLPP - superb

Report Submitted by Dougb
(trip) Date: Friday Mar 11, 2022

Submitted: Friday Mar 11, 2022 at 19:37


Christine and I


Started at Elk Pass lot and headed up Elk Pass trail then up Blueberry Hill. The many whisky jacks were disappointed that we didn’t share our lunch with them. We still had some energy when we got back down to the junction so we went up to the pass, down Hydroline and then Patterson - fast and fun. We took Fox Creek on the way back and it was in the best shape I’ve seen this winter. Looks like they did some snow harvesting off the bank to fill in the trail - thanks for the extra effort. After trudging through lots of fresh snow last week, we stuck to recently track set trails today and they were all in great shape.

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