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2022-03-15 at 15:13 - comment by aqua toque

Hi Alf, yeah, it's very out of character for me to divulge that much information. Chuck must have a knack for inspiring human kindness.

Yes, I have dabbled on the other side of the highway. In times when there is faint hope of enough snow I will seek out the elusive "turns close to town" all along route 66.

I've attached a link to photos of an outing the kid and I did in 2020. We followed a big old skid track that headed off the north side of the highway and took us up through horse country. We were then able to get up onto Powderface Ridge and some turns were had off the top.

Interestingly, the first photo in the set is rather prophetic.

Powderface Ridge 2020

2022-03-14 at 21:33 - comment by Alf Skrastins

With lots of great hints and a location pin, you've made this way too easy. One of the best views of this slope is from the Feral Horses Hills. Have you checked out the options on the north side of 66?

2022-03-13 at 18:50 - comment by Chuck

Thanks, and now I have learned another great feature of Google Earth.

Wow... that is afar!

2022-03-13 at 17:31 - comment by aqua toque

Hey Chuck. Plug these coords into teh google earths and it'll plunck ya right at the top of the run:


2022-03-12 at 16:25 - comment by Chuck

Not bad for a Welshman!
In fact, very impressive, and with great pictures.
Any map?

In Search of Big Blue Beanie

Report Submitted by aqua toque
(trip) Date: Thursday Mar 10, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Mar 12, 2022 at 10:59




The legend lives on from the Creekers on down
Of a ski run they call Big Blue Beanie.

The hills it is said 
Never give up their dead
Especially the poseurs and weenies....


I have boyhood memories of hearing about it in the song and have caught fleeting glimpses of it from afar at various times. This winter it has been a personal goal to find a route into and put ski tracks on the run known as Big Blue Beanie.

Hours were spent pouring over maps and charts. Three attempts were made (and failed) but each provided valuable recon. With the window of opportunity rapidly closing due to a mediocre snow year and multiple chinooks another attempt was made on March 10, 2022.

High adventure ensued. Followed by triumph!

For those who know their geography my route follows a remote stretch of the Type of Macaroni River in Western Canada. The run is situated in an area a few kms downstream of the confluence of the Big Type of Macaroni and Little Type of Macaroni.

I set off on skis at a government barricade near Type of Macaroni Falls. Travel was on an abandoned road until such time as I embarked along the left bank of the river. Progress for the most part was on ice shelves with occasional forays into the trees. Skiing at times was rugged.

At some point one must gain the right bank. Previous recon determined that only two ice bridges currently exist along this stretch. Once on the right bank I continued in similar fashion until the maps indicated it was time to leave the river and start climbing. Things got Quirky but still doable and in a while Big Blue Beanie came into view!

Ascent of the long wide run was straightforward with big switchbacks. The views were awesome. In the current snow conditions turns could best be described as treacherous. That did little to dampen the sense of joy and accomplishment.

Should the snowpack and the ice bridges survive the next chinook and should we get a good 20cm March dump I'll be going back!

Heading up river in morning light following a track I had set on a recon mission 2 days previous.

The only ice bridges for miles. Getting over to the right bank was critical for success.

Pleasing travel along the right bank.

Waaay up river.

The objective...Big Blue Beanie...comes into view!

Staggering view from the top of Big Blue.

Complete set of photos from the endeavour.


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