Time to ski up Hwy 40 to the BACK DOOR

Trip date: Saturday Mar 26, 2022

Submitted by Helen Read


Janice, Brenda and I


For first couple of kms past the gate, we wondered how the day would turn out, as the crust was fairly firm in -2 at 10am. With Janice on her Madshus skins, and me with Asnes kicker skins, Brenda had to work the hardest and demonstrated her superb waxing skills. We were happy to see so many animal tracks, but not so happy seeing evidence of previous AT skiers' tracks surfing below the isothermic snow of possibly a few days earlier. It took us 2.5 hrs to reach the Back Door and we enjoyed lunch, once at Pocaterra's welcoming grooming. The ski down (as described by Jeff) was nice Spring softer snow but not jerky, as clouds kept the sun under wrap. Close to 18 kms arriving at Pocaterra Hut with many chocolate treats and hydration stops. Met Neil and Nora (from our work at TBCC) and it was so wonderful to see them again! Still optimistic for the next BIG DUMP! Thank you to all the groomers who gave us their best throughout the season.