A morning ski in Silver Springs

Trip date: Wednesday Apr 20, 2022

Submitted by SteveR


Just me.


I set a 1.25 km loop with 20 m of ascent in the Silver Springs Botanical Gardens this morning, and then lapped it along with some wandering here and there, for a very enjoyable 13 km of skiing on my fishscale light touring skis, which worked excellently with decent glide and no sticking. Was that aided by the "lemon scented furniture polish" on the scales, as touted by Tanya K? I dunno, it was my first time trying it. The 20 cm of dense snow was perfect for creating a skier set track that firmed up and got faster with each circuit. By now, the warm sun and hordes of dogs and their walkers will have likely trashed it, but it was fun getting it while the getting was good. Especially as I skied right from my backdoor!