Wonderful tracksetting at West Bragg Creek

Trip date: Wednesday Nov 09, 2022

Submitted by Bob Truman



Blue wax, blue skies, calm air with smiling skiers and happy dogs. These fantastic early-season conditions are like a dream.

There was excellent tracksetting on most of the trails I skied which included Mountain Road, Mountainview, West Crystal, Loggers, and Sundog West. Mountainview was the only one which didn't have recent tracksetting but was just fine with a few cm of fresh snow.

The air temperature at 1 pm was -11 and the snow was -7.

Groomer Seth just updated the trail report and mentioned that the entire system should be trackset by Friday.

Thanks for everyone else's trip reports. As is their custom, Banff National Park is dropping the ball when it comes to reporting trail conditions. I see they finally updated the Lake Louise conditions today.