Great Start to the Year!

Trip date: Tuesday Nov 15, 2022

Submitted by SkierRoger



Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a bit of a nerd, so it shouldn't surprise that I've been comparing this year's reporting statistics to last year (same date).

It's exciting to see a large increase in the number of trip reports submitted: 69 for this year so far, versus 35 at the time last year. More impressive is that this year we've had 41 people submit at least 1 trip report , versus 19 at this time last year. That's fantastic news!

It's interesting to see a difference in where the skiing has taken place: last year Lake Louise really kicked us off nicely but this year West Bragg Creek has really pulled it's weight.

In any case, I agree with what Chuck really said in his recent Cascade Valley report: "We need snow NOW!"