Incredible Conditions at PLPP : walked almost straight up big hill at Elk Pass on blue wax.

Trip date: Thursday Dec 08, 2022

Submitted by Helen Read


Janice and I


Great new grooming with dusting on top made it a terrific ski all way up to Elk Pass and home via Hydroline/Patterson, and Fox back to Elk Pass Parking lot. Saw hardly anyone until we met some Norsemen ski club members coming up Patterson. Very little wind where we skied, and took in the Hydroline Hill on our return as we just couldn't get enough!! Only one blue Forester (?) in parking lot when we arrived at 9:15, wondered if it was Ray? Whoever it was, he seemed to be enjoying alot of the trails ahead of us.
Nice to see Shark with some grooming in place. wondering if Ulrikeski (sp)will be first to report.