BREWSTER CREEK - well beyond the old trappers cabin

Trip date: Monday Dec 12, 2022



A champion to legalize your right to introduce and vote on government bills skiing on Rossignol BC 59 green waxed skis


The Healy Creek trail from Sunshine Road to the Brewster Creek turnoff is in fairly good to good condition and is trackset. It is much better than a couple of weeks ago. There still are a couple of thin sections with some avoidable rocks. The snow was moderately fast. With 7cm of new wet snow along with some tracksetting and the trail should be in Very good condition to Excellent condition.

The Brewster Creek trail to Sundance Lodge is only skier tracked. If one stays on the skier track, the skiing is generally good to very good. There may be the odd hidden rock. This is the time for Sundance Lodge workers to snowmobile and trackset the Brewster Creek Trail.

From Sundance Lodge to the end of my old trail beyond Fatigue Pass junction the skiing is generally good. I broke trail to about 1.5 kilometers beyond the old trappers cabin. The further I went up Brewster Creek, the better the snow and base. Trail breaking was generally fairly easy beyond the old trappers cabin and got easier the further I skied up valley in the dark. With the fairly easy trail breaking, this is the time to ski to the warden cabin.

At about 8:30 pm there was some good rocking on the rocking chair at Sundance Lodge. The temperature was -15c with no wind. The humidity was also very low making for reasonably warm weather at night.