Great Day on Goat Creek

Trip date: Wednesday Dec 14, 2022

Submitted by Septuagenarians


The two of us.


We were inspired by Chuck's Goat Creek report and decided to try it ourselves today. The temperature was -7 degrees warming up to about -5 degrees. There was light snow in the morning and the sun came out in the aftenoon. We followed skier set tracks to the "bus shelter" and then, for an additional 10km up Goat Creek trail, made our own tracks in the old trackset which had been covered with 3 to 4 cm of snow overnight. We had intended to go to the top, but found that the trail breaking was increasing our times from one of our earlier trips to the top by about 20%. We decided to set a new objective of 30 km instead.

The travel was very pleasant with no wind and smooth fresh snow. The descents were very relaxing, with minimal snowplowing required.