“Snowfaland’s” Boxing Week Blowout

Trip date: Sunday Dec 25, 2022

Submitted by MaSid



Officially open for business (Couch HQ location), although only one bench in stock for now (not including the fork ‘n meadow lunch log). A comfortable -6 to start at 930 with 2” of fresh and first tracks from the parking lot. The silky promise of fox creek was not to be missed. Handful of trees removed in one spot. Still quite variable travel off trail through west elk pass, moderate to difficult trail breaking on a semi-breakable crust with boot top to knee ski pens (LT). But there’s a decent track for now! Only went as far as the lunch log (misty at the south end, sunny at the north end) and returned to couch HQ to get some shovelling done. Nice watching the misty cloud ebb and flow in towards the border, but never making it all the way. Good smooth cruising on skier set track back along elk pass trail to the car.
Stay tuned for better snowfaland offerings during the boxing week blowout sale. Difficult drive back spinning up the hills on unplowed Kananaskis lks dr (only plowed to VIC when I left).