Skiing at its best!

Trip date: Monday Jan 02, 2023

Submitted by Bob Truman



I enjoyed wonderful conditions in PLPP today. It was -12 when I arrived at Boulton Creek at 11:15 a.m. and the snow temperature was also -12. The tracks were in good shape everywhere throughout the SkierBob Special.

Whiskey Jack - Excellent
Tyrwhitt - High expectations; did not disappoint
Elk Pass - Amazingly fast, but safe
Fox Creek - Enjoyable on clean snow.
Boulton Creek - Thrilling, perhaps much too thrilling.

I took Boulton Creek rather than Moraine for the home stretch. The downhills on Boulton are a bit spicy, so stay in control. It had warmed up to -6 when I returned to the car around 1:30.

I'm no longer a daredevil on the steep Elk Pass downhills and it's a good thing. As I was rounding the bend near the bottom, where the sight lines are short, there was a skier in my tracks. I was going slow enough to avoid a collision.