Anyone heading to Sundance Lodge might prefer hiking boots and grippers!

Trip date: Wednesday Jan 11, 2023

Submitted by Helen Read


Just me, lured with optimism for better conditions.


-12 at 8:40 this morning, starting out at Healy Creek. Initial walking is the best way to proceed, over the rocks and debris from the plows. I also passed two snowmobiles coming from Sundance Lodge/Brewster Creek while I was still on Healy Creek before cut off. I persevered climbing over the "snowmobile packing" of the trail but found it a tough go. My poles hit the ground quite often and there were several rocks still partially showing. While I had hoped to make it to the junction with Mr Democracy's usual route up, it was probably another km away. Did a slow snowplow down and felt rather disappointed as this ski can be so much fun in abundant snow. It warmed to -8. Skins would be advised but better just to hike up c grippers if the top part is as hard as the lower part.