Delightful Day on Pipestone, especially great after breakfast at Peyto Bill's

Trip date: Thursday Jan 12, 2023

Submitted by Helen Read


4 Meanderthals


At least a cm of fresh powder was in the almost empty parking lot upon our arrival. Very few people. Tried a new wax: SkiGo -1 to -9. As reported by Chuck and gh, no icy bits and met a few going in clockwise direction to keep us on our toes. Sun squeaked out for 5 minutes and NO wind. I almost had to relearn Beag's latin phrase this morning: "Semper ubi, sub ubi". It brought back memories of gr 9 Latin class and all that I came away with: Translates to "Always wear underwear!"
Did anyone find my girlfriend's Maui Jim sunglasses on Redearth Trail? I am still praying they will be found.