Breakfast at Emerald Lake Lodge (ELL) in Burgess Dining Rm absolutely a 10/10. Thanks to Louis our server!

Trip date: Friday Jan 20, 2023

Submitted by Helen Read


6 Meanderthals, who all left Canmore in the dark at 8am.


You have to just imagine the delicious leisurely breakfasts we all had at ELL. Skied over lake ( a short sketchy ski) to Emerald Classic Trail (renamed from Emerald Horse Trail) and it got us to the start of Alluvial Fan (-8). Counter clockwise is my favourite as it gets us away from hiker boot prints immediately and gives us a feeling of reverence for this stunning trail, before we climb past the high point onto a gentle hill to enjoy back down to lake at the end. We met the Yoho Parks groomers who were about to refresh the Alluvial Fan and had just done Emerald Classic. What a joy to ski back on it!! Lee led us on a better path across the lake and back to the little store. Then drove back to Natural Bridge where groomers had already refreshed the trail down to the first bridge. It felt like Spring corn snow (-6) but the hill is long and a gentle down. We skied to the picnic table overlooking the Kicking Horse River and Lee created a delightful single seater couch out of snow blocks. I tested it out for durability but photo is not being displayed. Still await lesson on attaching photos. Everyone who signed up for the Loppet, hope you all have a terrific time and keep injury-free.