Would You like Ice With That?

Trip date: Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

Submitted by SkierRoger


JoLynn and I


I decided it was time for JoLynn to see Troll Falls. These majestic falls are a short ski from the parking lot on a well trodden path. Probably her favorite part of the day.

We retraced our path back and crossed the road toward Coal Mine, and Ribbon Creek trails. Throughout that section we could hear & feel, through our poles the hard ice layer below. Blue waxed skis seemed to grip bit better than skin skis.

We were delighted to meet Groomer Alex on Coal Mine as he was packing the trail with his Snowdog machine (see Chucks recent post too). He explained that the underlying ice was a result of the recent melting temperatures. Some more snow should fix that problem. He explained the Kovach area received most of the recent snowfall, perhaps 18 cm or so.

As JoLynn and I turned towards Kovach, I could feel the snow conditions improve. The iciness is less of an issue on the Kovach-Terrace side of the river.

Overall a nice day!