Healy/Brewster Creeks and Sundance Lodge

Trip date: Monday Nov 22, 2021

Submitted by Bob Truman




MAAD posted this on SkierBob so I'm reposting it here:

Generally very good to excellent early season base snow conditions on the Healy Creek and Brewster Creek trails right up to Sundance Lodge. I hit maybe 4 rocks on the trail up to the lodge.

The Healy Creek trail was skier tracked. There are roughly 8 small trees down on the trail which are easy to scoot over or around. About an hour of chainsawing of fallen trees should have this portion of the trail in fine shape. The Healy Creek trail is ready for tracksetting with a base of about 25 cm with a good rain crust on top with some fresh snow. Variable speed snow but generally fast. I did not hit any rocks on the Healy Creek trail.

I took the horse trail short cut up to the Brewster Creek trail. It is in fair to good shape. With 15 cm of new wet snow it should generally be in good to excellent shape to climb up. There are about 5 fallen trees on the trail that are easy to go over or duck under.

I broke all of the trail on the Brewster Creek up to the first creek crossing beyond Sundance Lodge past the old trappers cabin. Beyond Sundance Lodge the skiing is generally fairly good to good with a couple of rocks. 10 more cm of wet snow on this portion of the trail should make for very good skiing for the most part.

The Brewster Creek trail has some trees down on it. About 2,5 hours of chainsawing of fallen trees or so is required to clear the trail. I could scoot over or around all of the trees relatively easily. One tree just requires a bit of effort going up a bank to go over the tree.

I skied out at night from the old trapper cabin. At dark 30 it was +1C at Sundance Lodge and partly cloudy with some rare snowflakes falling.. There is a nice kerosene lamp on the deck of the lodge awaiting a pint of fuel. What a nice addition to the "beach" atmosphere.

Now the Parks Canada website says there is insufficient snow to trackset the Healy and Brewster Creek trails along with Redearth Creek. This is absolute management nonsense. These trails have very nice snow bases that are fairly moisture dense with rain crusts. Where Parks Canada management gets its unreliable information is beyond my understanding. These trails should be trackset as soon as possible to provide quality skiing for the tourists to enjoy.

I did not attempt a Skier Roger report as I felt too tired after skiing to deal with the log in procedure that I have had difficulty with in the past.