Reverse Skier Bob Circuit and the lure of "refreshing" Patterson Meadows

Trip date: Tuesday Feb 14, 2023

Submitted by Helen Read


just me


Parked at Upper Boulton -10 at 10am. Skied to Blue/Elk picnic table via Moraine/Elk (both lovely) and enjoyed the serenity of being there all alone. Snow temp -10. Skied back to go up Patterson and luxuriated in those Ma Sid Meadows. Tyrwhitt had lots of powder but great skier tracks. Likely being groomed as I write this. No debris at all to speak of. Fun descending back down to Whiskey Jack. -5 back at WWL where I stopped to see if my Banff friends had arrived, but was an hour too early. Even new grooming on Hydroline Hill was fun to climb on route.