Boom Lake Trail - Lots of Deadfall

Trip date: Friday Nov 26, 2021

Submitted by Carl V M


Rocky Mtn Ramblers Assoc


There was at least 15 cm of fresh snow in the parking lot when we arrived at 10 Friday morning.
Great snow cover on the trail but the recent wind events have taken down at least a dozen trees onto the trail. Half of those are pretty simple step overs, but quite few required a short detour, or a climb over, or a crawl under.
We were on a mix of regular XC and back-country skis. Some on wax, others with full or kicker skins. VR45 clumped up for some and several of the skin users wished that they had brought the skin wax (but it's in the back-country/avi gear pack).
All of that made what might normally be a rather short trip into a fine tune-up day.
It had stopped snowing about when we started, temps a little below 0.
Two other skiers passed us in the morning, and there were several hikers and snowshoers on the trail following us.
There should be a trip report from Philip on the Ramblers web site before long.