Banff National Park Pilot eSki Program

Trip date: Friday Nov 26, 2021

Submitted by Mike W



I commented on this in Chuck's Upper Bankhead report from today - (or click on the "Link to another photos page or website" link above). But Roger figured this was an important enough issue that I should create a separate post for it.

Chuck noted that there were truck tracks on the Upper Bankhead trail this morning, and that it was Fortis (the local power company) who drove up to fix an electrical outlet.

The person I spoke with at Parks earlier today said that in fact they're extending their pilot eBike program to include eSkis. Fortis was in to install an eSki charging station. It's a big thing in Europe now, especially for backcountry touring. See the guy on the right in the photo above. Check out the video at Or click on the "Link to photos page or website" link above.