Spring Skiing in PLPP

Trip date: Thursday Mar 16, 2023

Submitted by KeithB


Ray, Mary, Jan and Me


Arrived at Elk Pass parking at 10:15am where the temperature was a chilly -13C. Three on waxable skis and one on skin skis. The frost on the recent grooming slowed our glide until the day warmed. My VR40 wax worked all day and better as the snow warmed. No forest debris collected in the wax.
From the parking lot we skied the mint condition tracks of Upper Lake Connector out and back for a warm up. We then turned our attention to the excellent grooming of Elk Pass > Fox Creek (little to no forest debris) > Blueberry Hill (partial) and on up to Elk Pass proper. Returned on Hyrdoline (partial) > Patterson > Elk Pass > Fox Creek again > Elk Pass parking. Mary skied up/down the Hydroline Hill and reported there were icy bits mid hill sliding down. Then she skied over the big hill on Elk to the car. She has a need for speed!
From about 11:30 to 12:00 pm the snow warmed enough to give easy and long glides.
Bluebird skies and very little wind made for a perfect Spring-like ski day. Air temperature on leaving Elk Pass parking at about 2:30 pm was +3C.