Elk Pass via Tyrwhitt / back door parking

Trip date: Monday Nov 29, 2021

Submitted by gh


Just gh


I skied up to Elk Pass today from the "back door". That option is only available for one more day. It was a warm one out there and mostly sunny. Snow was melting off the trees that were in the sun making for sticky snow in those areas. All in all it was a tough workout. I was the only one up to the pass today so the trail is broken. No track setting has taken place. At the bottom, there was a bit of fresh snow on top of the frozen rain from Sunday. The first km of the route is pretty messed up due to hikers but after that it improves considerably. The snow conditions were great in the shady areas but clumpy in the sunny areas. I skied down the hydro line towards Elk Lakes for about a half a km. The road coming up from Elk Lakes was plowed not that long ago so there is a good base to ski on.