Skogan Trifecta FKST

Trip date: Sunday Dec 05, 2021

Submitted by Mike W


Just me


Dec 5 Skogan Trifecta (Sunburst, High Level, Skogan Loop) FKST (First Known Ski Tracks for this season!)
Ribbon Creek Area: Hay Meadows - Skogan - Sunburst - Hummingbird Plume Lookout - High Level - Skogan Loop

Parked at the Troll Falls Trailhead, now open. Took my rock fishscale XC track skis, and XC poles with large baskets. Poles with micro and nano baskets not recommended! -12C at the trailhead at 1015, -15C at higher elevations during the trip. Calm to light winds, mixed sun and cloud. I was the only one in the parking lot and saw no one the entire day. Where was everyone!?

The hiking sign is still up for Hay Meadows and the trail was well-bootpacked with only a few rocks showing through, easily avoided. Lots of boot prints on Skogan Trail as far as the Sunburst Junction, where they stopped. But there was a good skier-trackset trail along the edge. Still only one Skiers Only sign along the trail. Broke trail on Sunburst in 10cm of powder and crust to Hummingbird Plume Lookout. Then broke trail on High Level back to Skogan. Continued up Skogan and broke trail in 15cm of powder and crust on Skogan Loop (clockwise). The trail steadily gains elevation in a never-ending curve to the right. I felt stuck in an Escher etching with a bunch of monks climbing an endless staircase -

After Skogan Loop, I decided to head back down without going to Skogan Pass since I was recovering from a shoulder injury and my shoulder said it had enough for the day.