Cascade Beyond the Bridge

Trip date: Monday Dec 06, 2021

Submitted by Ray Yong



Decided to give Cascade a try late today, and was pleasantly surprised to see it had been groomed and trackset beyond the bridge. I got passed by the groomer as he was leaving for the day. Due to the late hour, I only skied 2 km beyond the bridge. Single trackset, as usual. Track is soft, so I kept sinking a bit with each stride, but you could also feel and hear the ice mixed in with the snow. Tracks are solid, though, but not that deep. It's still a little thin here and there, but that's just me being picky. I wish I'd gone sooner so I could have skied the whole thing.

The trail from Minnewanka to the bridge is in good condition, despite what was obviously a lot of use over the weekend. Snow is hard and track is fast. Lots of control on the hills, which was nice. Double trackset now, and track on the way back is fast as well.