WBC Part 2

Trip date: Tuesday Dec 07, 2021

Submitted by Mike W




Dec 7 West Bragg Creek: East Crystal, Loggers, Mountain View, Mountain Road to Mountain View West junction, then Mountain Road back to the parking

I arrived about an hour after Jean-Francois - https://www.skierroger.ca/index.php?content=showski&id=277. First time at WBC and first time on skate skis this season. Generally fair to good roller -groomed conditions, except good to excellent on Mountain Road beyond the Moose Connector junction. After the recent windstorm, I passed at least 20 fallen trees that were cleared off the trails by Bragg Creek Trails volunteers. No machine-trackset, but many sections of shallow skier-trackset. All trails have the occasional rock showing through, although a few dozen less than when I started. Do your part and toss a few rocks off the trails!

Despite the clear "Skiers Only" signs, East Crystal had a lot of shallow boot prints on the roller grooming. This was fortunate, as I could blame my lackluster skating performance on hikers instead of my lackluster skill. Loggers was in good condition, as was Mountain View. Mountain Road was even better, improving the higher you went.

Remember that although you need to purchase a Kananskis pass to park at WBC, the government doesn't pass on a penny of that to Bragg Creek Trails to fund their maintenance work, including clearing all the trees that had fallen on the trails last week. Donate at https://braggcreektrails.org/donate-now/!