PLPP and Mount Shark Update

Trip date: Tuesday Dec 14, 2021

Submitted by SkierRoger



I was able t contact head groomer James at PLPP. Here is an update on that area:

Although there was quite a lot of snowfall on the Ribbon Creek trails during the past storm, there was substantially less in PLPP. Having said that, the snowcat is on its way out onto the lower PLPP trails right now. It is still early season snow conditions and we are still trying to cover rocks, water crossings, bumps, and establish a base so it is unlikely that the cat will be able to set any tracks today. The snowmobiles are out on Boulton Creek, Fox Creek and Morraine trails today and pending conditions, I might expect some Tracks to get set there. We are currently experiencing some mechanical issues with our trailer, so predicting where the cat will go in the next few days is difficult however we will try to get it on the trails somewhere.

Some grooming was done on the Ribbon Creek area trails yesterday evening and they intend to be back out again this evening. The snowfall in that area has been good and decent ski conditions are likely.

The Mt. Shark road had about 20cm of snow on it last night and approximately another 5cm fell overnight. Driving the road was difficult last night however I did see the grader around Chester/Burstall parking lots this morning. As previously mentioned, the absence of a trailer will make grooming there with the snow-cat impossible right now but this issue will hopefully get resolved before the weekend.