West Bragg Ck. ski

Trip date: Tuesday Dec 14, 2021

Submitted by Bill Richardson


Mary and Ray, Anne, Deirdre and Bill


The trails in West Bragg Ck. looked like the best in the area so we decided to give them a try. We arrived about 10:00 to a brisk -17 temperature and headed out on Moose Loop with VR30 on the skis. The tracks were in very good condition with double-tracking all around. One track appears to have been done overnight and was firm and smooth. The other track, still in great shape, had a couple of cm’s of fresh snow so it was probably set yesterday. The cool temperature had us skiing fairly steadily so we arrived back at the parking lot in time for an early lunch. We definitely missed having the warming hut but lunch in our cars kept the worst of the cold out. In the afternoon we skied the Sundog Loop, and even it was cool at the start, by the time we reached the junction with Iron Spring, everyone was warm again. The rest of the loop was a delight with more great tracks and only a few natural hazards. The groomers have done a remarkable job creating the best tracks we have seen this season. It was a terrific day and with more snow and no Chinooks in the forecast, this should be a top destination going into the holiday season.