A new feature on Evan-Thomas (for daredevils)

Trip date: Wednesday Dec 15, 2021

Submitted by Bob Truman



Conditions were fantastic on Bill Milne, Evan-Thomas, and the Wedge Connector today. It was -13 at noon which made for an easy waxing day with green.

Since the floods of 2013, the snowcat cannot connect the Wedge Connector to Evan-Thomas. There's a 200-metre stretch of narrow trail to negotiate, part of which required removing your skis and walking the steepest part.

A new ramp was constructed this summer at the end of this narrow trail which you can now ski down to the creek if you are into high-risk behavior and have a daredevil attitude(see photos).

There's a well-packed trail over the creek with no danger of getting wet.

The only thing that I could complain about on the near-perfect conditions were the occasional tree bombs falling in the tracks. A few climbers had already walked on Evan-Thomas but were staying out of the tracks.