Pocaterra to Whiskey Jack: No Whiskey

Trip date: Saturday Dec 18, 2021

Submitted by SkierRoger


Jody and I


I was inspired by Bob Truman’s Dec 16th report on PLPP so we decided to take a trip up.

We were rewarded with a -6 to -8 degree day, much more pleasant than the day before. The skies were cloudy and a skiff of snow fell throughout most of the day.

At the trailhead I was delighted to meet 3 members of the Canadian Ski Patrol. They were just heading out for the day. Many thanks to all members of this organization for all their hard work & lives saved.

We skied Pocaterra up towards Whiskey jack. the trail was groomed and tracksetting started near the Lynx junction. There is not enough snow to trackset below that point. However near to top we found the trail conditions excellent.

Many thanks to the groomers for their efforts during such a challenging year.